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Symantec claims that its Norton anti-virus software can defeat the chernobyl virus, so called because it lies dormant, infiltrating applications malignly only on the 26th day in April, the anniversary of the nuclear power station explosion.
Initially John sees his mother as both malignly powerful and a willing pawn of the white power structure; most importantly, she is responsible for Bill's death.
His charge that Reagan and Bush administration officials malignly neglected the effect of the War on Drugs(16) on African Americans suggests that these officials consciously promulgated policies that they knew would result in the incarceration of disproportionate numbers of African Americans.
34) In producing the platea in such malignly loaded terms (terms in which we try not to see ourselves), Shakespeare sets its constructs in relief, calling attention to the fact that they are, in fact, constructs.
In the first place, we know that Othello will malignly misinterpret such joy--as he promptly does.