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Definite malingered neurocognitive dysfunction in moderate/severe
Impact of coaching on malingered posttraumatic stress symptoms on the M-FAST and the TSI.
Those who malinger wish to be treatment-compliant (Rogers, 1997); however, although initially willing to discuss symptom manifestation, they become oppositional and evasive when questioned directly (Resnick, 1997; Resnick & Knoll, 2005; Rogers, 1997).
With social work's increasing involvement in criminal justice, forensic practice, police consultation, and correctional work, not to mention its already heavy involvement in mental health and health care, it is certain that many practitioners will face multiple encounters with certain clients who, for various reasons, will attempt to malinger to achieve their goals.
As with tests of implicit memory (Horton et al., 1992), the use of negative priming tasks like the one used in the present study may be useful in distinguishing between actual and malingered amnesia.
Indeed, many courts seem preoccupied with practical fears, such as the consequences of finding amnesic defendants incompetent and the difficulty of detecting malingered amnesia.
The tooth fairy's major house call is on lonely 12-year-old Bobby (Ross Malinger), whose widowered father Thomas (Dale Midkiff) has been so busy trying to forget his wife's death that he hasn't had time for his son.
It is challenging to identify malingered cognitive impairments.
Patients who malinger psychotic symptoms often are open to suggestion, and are quick to endorse visual hallucinations.
Some patients who malinger after sustaining a TBI will attempt to feign psychotic symptoms.
Sam's son eight-year-old Jonah (Ross Malinger), is also looking for a new mother, so when Jonah puts his father on national radio, hundreds of women write to him.
I do think, however, that the arena of competency is somewhat unique in that the motivation to malinger cognitive deficits is often high, and neuroscience provides potentially unique evidence that cannot easily be hidden through malingering.