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Cornell and Hawk (1989) found that those who malingered showed a higher proclivity for endorsing bogus symptoms, suicidal ideation, visual hallucinations, memory problems, and absurd replies that did not cluster toward any known DSM-III diagnosis.
Differential diagnosis of malingered and authentic psychosis requires examination of common symptoms of malingered psychosis.
Of seemingly greater concern to many courts than the practical consequences of holding amnesiacs incompetent is the special problem of malingered amnesia.
88) Potentially exacerbating this problem is the fact that some expert testimony is based on patient interviews alone, which makes it very difficult to determine whether the amnesia claims are malingered.
The use of indirect memory tests to assess malingered amnesia: A study of metamemory.
Effects of sophisticated and motivation on the detection of malingered memory performance using a computerized forced-choice task.
Identification of malingered head injury on the Wechsler Memory Scale-Revised.
The use of psychological tests to identify malingered symptoms of mental disorder.
To detect malingered psychosis, one must first understand how true psychotic symptoms manifest.
Despite the high prevalence of malingered behaviors in the ER, no single test has been validated in such a setting.
Detection of symptom exaggeration with the MMPI-2 in litigants with malingered neurocognitive dysfunction.
Effects of coaching on malingered motor function profiles.