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Does it reflect basic mistrust - that everyone is immediately suspected of being a malingerer until proved otherwise?
This approach not only lets malingerers know that they are not succeeding, but also grants the clinician useful breathing space in which to regain perspective and seek a more satisfactory approach to the client's requests.
There is some evidence (Martin, Bolter, Todd, Gouvier, & Nicholls, 1993) that naive malingerers tend to score below chance levels on forced-choice tasks.
Vertigo, dizziness, and disequilibrium are all signs of vestibular dysfunction associated with mild traumatic brain injury," but "there is a tendency to discount a patient who does not have vertigo as a malingerer.
However, there is a tendency to discount a patient who does not have vertigo as a malingerer," he said.
Meanwhile, the rank and file were far more rarely diagnosed with shell shock, and instead seen as malingerers, indicating that their lower status prevented them from escaping from the trenches in the same ratio as their officers.
Since true Malingerers are not good workers, tend to file illegitimate stress claims and actually avoid treatment and intervention, the best prevention strategy for this category is not to hire them in the first place.
Then there are the malingerers who do invent their symptoms to gain sympathy, get time off work, obtain drugs, or win a lawsuit.
It was sexist, portraying men as malingerers, but I am not going to call for the author to be prosecuted, as some would likely demand if it was a misogynistic tweet sent by a 20-year-old man.
THE reaction to Benefits Street shows how sensitive many people are to the idea of malingerers being subsidised by the taxpayer.
We'll provide the support if times are tough, but we won't tolerate idlers or malingerers.