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From the day a letter had come from Peter Mall, an ex-comrade in Wade's old regiment, saying the quarter-section next his own could be bought by paying annually a dollar and twenty-five cents an acre for seven years, their hopes had risen into determination that had become unshakable.
In a dense phalanx, blocking the streets from side to side, the crowd set forth, taking the route of Regent Street, Pall Mall, St.
Mycroft lodges in Pall Mall, and he walks round the corner into Whitehall every morning and back every evening.
We liked well enough to flirt with her in the hay-field, but she does not seem so fascinating when we meet her in Pall Mall.
The club to which the Braces King belonged was a richly but gloomily furnished building in Pall Mall, a place of soft carpets, shaded lights, and whispers.
The bare vaulting of trees along the Mall was ceiled with lapis lazuli, and arched above snow that shone like splintered crystals.
And yet - and yet - it was in the hottest room of all, in a temperature of 270ø Fahrenheit, that the bolt fell from the Pall Mall Gazette which I had bought outside the bath.
When the session closed, the doctor was escorted to the rooms of the Travellers' Club, in Pall Mall.
There is also a pleasant garden, which consists of a pond, an aviary, an echo, a mall, a labyrinth, a house for wild beasts, and a quantity of leafy alleys very agreeable to Venus.
It is such as he, as little conscious of himself as the bee in a hive, who are the lucky in life, for they have the best chance of happiness: their activities are shared by all, and their pleasures are only pleasures because they are enjoyed in common; you will see them on Whit-Monday dancing on Hampstead Heath, shouting at a football match, or from club windows in Pall Mall cheering a royal procession.
The local house agent could tell me nothing about Charlington Hall, and referred me to a well known firm in Pall Mall.
And so, instead of crying because she was the merest nobody, she must, forsooth, sail jauntily down Pall Mall, very trim as to her tackle and ticketed with the insufferable air of an engaged woman.