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For the modern mallard hunter, open water can take on a number of different faces.
We have several groups in for the sixty days of duck season," says Kevin Drewry, assistant manager and camp director for Mallard Manor.
The fifteen mallards were found in Newsham Park in Tuebrook after their mother flew off when a flock of geese attacked them.
But by the time the fire service appeared Mallard had returned to the scene and set a fire in the footwell of the vehicle.
Mr Mallard said: "When I got to the surface the weather had turned nasty and the tide was sweeping me out to sea.
At specialized facilities designed to handle highly hazardous biological materials, the scientists exposed healthy mallards to H5N1 virus and then housed the infected birds with other, unexposed ducks.
The mallard hen is equally exquisite, but in a much less obtrusive way.
The Live Steam Mallard gift set will run on standard Hornby track and cost rail enthusiasts about pounds 500.
Mallard, 27, wept as she was jailed for murder at Fort Worth, Texas, after a trial that shocked America.
Our pressroom experience sets us apart," said Doug Duffert, Mallard Ink Company's vice president.
Every autumn millions of mallard ducks swarm into the Cache/White River country--the heart of their wintering grounds along the Mississippi Flyway.
Snow Mallard," CodeWeavers next-generation productivity app, will allow users to install Windows applications directly from CodeWeavers huge online database of known software installation recipes.