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A rigorous, well-reasoned challenge to contemporary presumptions about equality, egalitarianism, and the malleability of human beings is long overdue.
For copper, its electrical and thermal conductivity, resistance to corrosion, malleability and formability are significant.
The research is motivated by the importance of early years to human development, both because of the long run consequences of events during that period and because of high malleability across key developmental domains during that period, making it particularly salient for policy interventions.
Muddles of principles and organization also come in focus because of the malleability of many individuals' national identity and the clash of interests between trying Sudeten Germans and expelling them, so that many potential suspects and key witnesses were deported, leaving mainly Czechs to face the courts.
This ease with the malleability of form, the contingency of relations--let's just say "winging it"--had its material corollary in the disposable news circular and the miscellaneous detritus of the project (cardboard clothing tags, dinner sign-up sheets penned directly on Sheetrock at the store, Xeroxed hand-scrawled flyers for the jukebox playlists).
But also because Nurse Gordon offers us a new way to tell the story of twentieth-century birth control, encouraging us to appreciate the breadth of the birth control clinic movement, the malleability of the birth control institution, and the American Birth Control League's efforts to contain them both.
Ramachandran, a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Diego, says that the results raise intriguing questions about the malleability of touch perception.
Turning to the 1640s and 1650s, Michael Mendle argues that the explosion of printed news and, in particular, its malleability, were crucial to both the overthrow and the restoration of the Stuarts.
Romanian is a younger language, metaphorical even in its everyday usage, charged with nuances and semi-nuances, allusions and connotations, and endowed with a malleability that, if it makes for less precision, can expand words beyond their basic meaning and give them an aura of suggestion and implication.
Though didactic at times, the novel generally conveys a sense of playful engagement; Harryman is acutely aware of language's malleability.
Because of their malleability and relative ease of working, copper and lead became synonymous with the complexities of Gothic architecture.