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San Francisco: Apple's new iPhones, facing an Internet outcry about their malleability, proved difficult to bend and fit for daily use in lab tests run by Consumer Reports magazine.
The new method allows researchers to screen about 3,000 alloys per day and simultaneously ascertain certain properties, such as melting temperature and malleability.
Marble for her is about purity and toughness, while bronze is all about malleability and softness.
In terms of malleability, the Latin alphabet has its limits, offering a relatively narrow range of shapes and therefore calligraphic possibilities.
JSPL claimed that the premium quality ribbed Thermo Mechanically Treated Rebars have a higher degree of strength, ductility and malleability, yielding the best results for all constructions needs.
Another impediment to malleability comes from a fatty substance called myelin, which winds around neurons' information-sending axons like insulation around an electrical wire, speeding messages along.
The work is organized as a series of essays arranged in groups covering the cultural aspects of the natural history and physicality of the mountain, the development of religious meaning, Fuji as a visual ideal and political idea, Fuji devotion in modern Japan, and the malleability of the icon.
When the majority won elections, a sort of leniency and malleability was seen by Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri coupled with hopes of facilitating the nation' s affairs, and those of the people," Mitri said, stressing that Hariri is not against the Resistance but against its weapons when used for internal reasons.
Pushing the nature of the material, the artist experimented with metal's malleability as the core of his new work.
The malleability of the trial rhetoric allowed it to be recalibrated to proslavery ends.
This malleability of time only strengthens the narrative movement.
Not unlike his novels that intertwine history and fiction, the first-person narrator of As Pequenas Memorias frequently alerts the reader to the malleability of his narrative by challenging the veracity of his memories as well as the arbitrariness of their retentiveness.