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They were awarded a free kick on the left wing and the ball was played in to the penalty area, where Malleable's keeper Dave Barr failed to gather the ball and visiting man of the match Carl Kennedy was on hand to score with a simple tap-in.
3) 62106831-union malleable cast iron for tube of nominal bore size25mm(1")as per type vii,isi marked to is:1879/ 87(reaffirmed 2005) edition 3.8, duly galvanized with 610g/m2 as per is:4759/1996 (reaffirmed 200
The Malleable scored a 31-19 win at home to the St Pats Social, while the Hardwick Social B emerged victorious 29-21 against the Elmtree Social.
The Malleable ended the Hardwick A's unbeaten run at whist with an 8-2 section win.
Martin's College, this 25-year-old designer of Cypriot origin quickly garnered recognition for his use of fabric that is papery in texture but malleable enough to be cut to cling.
The notion of malleable memory championed by psychologist Elizabeth F.
CAROL Alderton has sent in pictures of when her dad, Jack Walker, worked at the South Durham Steel and Iron Works at Stockton, which was known as "the Malleable" or more popularly as "The Mall".
The Crusher, from CSI Industrial Systems Corp., Grayling, Michigan, crushes gray, ductile and malleable iron, aluminum, copper-base and other metals to increase their bulk density.
The structures of these texts are nonlinear (or multilinear): on-screen, the text is separated from its physical existence on the computer's hard disk, and becomes a malleable, "virtual" text.
On the other hand, they are hard and resistant to chemical attack, can survive high temperatures and have a low density -- desirable properties that more malleable materials such as metals generally lack.