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This is the first reported case of multiple bilateral malleable penile prosthesis fracture.
Based on these findings, the author concludes that the malleable dressing is effective, comfortable, aesthetically acceptable, and can be worn for 7 days without complications.
The feature was looking at some of the ways that social clubs such as The Malleable have opened themselves up to new opportunities and the ways in which the clubs are utilised by the local community.
We produce high quality parts in malleable iron and ductile iron.
While at first glance the construction of the new concrete wall seems to define an impenetrable boundary, the relationship that it creates between restaurant and dwelling is both complex and malleable.
The new findings indicate that this sluggish rate stems from a ball-and-chain effect: Traveling charges distort the organic materials' malleable crystal lattices and then have to drag around those distortions.
A CZECH company found to have broken promises not to dump cut-priced malleable cast iron tube or pipe fittings on the European Union (EU) market should have its exemption from existing 26.
These insidiously malleable guidelines for terrorism investigations could apply to political action (and the reaction) during demonstrations by environmentalists, anti-globalizationists, animal rights pickets, or union members on strike, as well as pro-lifers trying to talk, and only to talk, to women entering abortion clinics ('obstruction' at clinics can be a federal crime).
The monopolar suction coagulator, which is used for most tonsillectomy procedures, is malleable for ultimate hand comfort throughout surgery.
The Pucci Air-T features a malleable wrist support that can be adjusted to accommodate the resident.
That probe was prompted by a complaint by an EU industry group - the Defence Committee of Malleable Cast Iron Tube or Pipe Fittings Industry of the European Union.
In the play, a range of constructions of sexuality jostles for prominence, an insight that allows Callaghan to read "desire," and its malleable properties, as key elements in women's material subordination.