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We carried out ion pair separation by use of the Phenomenex ODS-3 reversed-phase column with a mobile phase containing 5 mmol/L tetrabutylammonium, 5% methanol, and 3 mmol/L malonic acid (pH 5.
The general approach will be as follows: 1) preparation of the diastereotopic intermediates of malonic acid 2) Using esterase to perform a desymmetrization of the intermediates 3) Analysis of the resulting half ester intermediates 4)Formation of different amino acids: [alpha](Curtius),[beta](Wolff,Curtius),[gamma](Wittig, Curtius) from that half ester.
It unfolds as a complex interplay among bromate ions, malonic acid, and a catalyst.
We used tetrabutylammonium hydroxide as an ion-pairing reagent and malonic acid as a buffer for HPLC separation.
The BZ reaction is a cerium ion-catalyzed oxidation of malonic acid by acidified bromate.
3-Hydroxypropionic acid is useful for the production of PHA polymers and C3 chemicals including biobased acrylic acid, malonic acid, esters and amines.
A large volume of recent literature links serum levels of homocysteine and methyl malonic acid in cobalamin and folate deficiency to occlusive cardiovascular disease and neurological manifestations (8).
This test though not as specific as the urinary methyl malonic acid or MMA Test but is more superior to the serum B12 assay.
Based on HPLC-PDA and LC-ESI-MSn analyses, the anthocyanins in the pale-mauve hybrid were only derived frm cyanidin molecules, which were diversely conjugated with some hexose sugars and organic acids, such as ferrulic acid, sinapic acid and malonic acid.