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This time we put ourselves in the spotlight and we will be fiercely criticized by countries which beat, drive out and maltreat migrants on their territories.
Crime could start the moment you allow any members of your family to maltreat or harass your house helps, let your husband drive like crazy on the road, if you just shrug off your daughter's displeasing remarks against others, or if you care less about where your son go out at night.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Israeli soldiers from the prison unit Nahshon used dogs to intimidate and maltreat a number of transferred detainees in Ofer jail.
My whole theme was the way we maltreat royal persons, making them at once superhuman and yet less than human" Award-winning novelist Hilary Mantel explains that her comments on the Duchess of Cambridge had been deliberately misunderstood by the press "Don't talk about her.
It then summarises the characteristics of parents who are likely to maltreat their children and also of the children most likely to be maltreated.
Studies also have looked at characteristics of adults who sexually abuse and maltreat children with disabilities.
Specialist Jeremy Sivits pleaded guilty to conspiracy to maltreat subordinates, or detainees; dereliction of duty for willfully failing to protect detainees from abuse, cruelty and maltreatment; and maltreatment of detainees, CNN said.
He sees His own people, so loved by Him, the recipients of so many of HIS benefits, who now maltreat Him with infernal howls and hissing, and, with a great shout, demand His death--the death on the Cross.