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Five other prisoners, Nael Eid, 24, Awni Shousheh, 27, Ahmad Qazzaz, 18, Abdullah Ekhlail, 26, and Jihad Thawabteh, 19, also reported to have faced similar forms of maltreatment and physical abuse.
The study drew on two different measures of child abuse from Army databases: substantiated child maltreatment reports and medical diagnoses of child maltreatment.
According to the data, eight people were suspended for maltreatment of a patient or carer, and action taken against a further eight.
Cumulative effects of maltreatment by adults, exposure to family violence, having personal property stolen, bullying by a sibling, online bullying and dating violence--to name a few--have yet to be investigated, Tucker and Finkelhor say.
4 million reports of maltreatment were made to child protective services involving 6.
THREE maltreatment complaints were filed last month with the Special Investigation Unit (SIU).
Childhood maltreatment contributes to clinical and subclinical symptoms of psychosis in patients and healthy volunteers.
The study, by experts at London's King's College and the FIDMAG Sisters Hospitallers Foundation for Research and Teaching in Spain, analysed the association between childhood maltreatment and the volume of cerebral grey matter, CBC news reported.
Manama: May 6 -- (BNA): The Special Investigation Unit (SIU)'s Acting Head, Adnan Fakhro, said that the SIU last April received 19 complaints regarding maltreatment and carried its investigation therein.
Knowing that healthy children grow into healthy adults, the nation's top public health agency is calling on communities to help prevent childhood maltreatment before it starts.
Published on Friday, 27 December 2013 11:39 PNN Palestinian prisoner Ibrahim Mustafa, sentenced to 15 years, appealed to human rights groups to intervene to put an end to his exposure to maltreatment and poor medical care at the hands of Israeli jailers.
Some of these risk factors, which include maltreatment, mental health problems and learning disabilities, are preventable and/or treatable and may minimize the risk for later youthful offending behaviors.