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Mamma Mia warmly welcomes diners, especially those in big groups, who are out to eat good food, share few drinks and have a good time under mama's care and service.
Chia seeds have seen explosive growth in recent years, with Mamma Chia leading the way as the category innovator.
Mamma Desktop Search is able to search computer files, e-mails and multimedia and is claimed to be the first application of its kind to search the deep web.
Given the unique opportunity to acquire such a large facility on a large parcel of land provides Mamma Sez with room to grow," Gubner said.
Matt's exceptional cross-channel and cross-category experience - combined with his strong entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to sustainability - makes him the perfect fit for our Mamma Chia team.
Receiving this recognition from BevNET is both extremely rewarding and humbling - it really puts into perspective what the Mamma Chia team has accomplished in a relatively short period of time and acknowledges our innovation as the creator of the chia beverage category," said Hoffman.
Grapefruit Ginger's floral and citrus notes perfectly complement the earthy spice of ginger, while Guava Mamma offers a flavorful combination of smooth, mellow guava with a subtle hint of sweet pineapple that conjures tropical images.
The chia market is exploding and Mamma Chia is proud to be leading in its renaissance with our organic chia seed beverages," said Janie Hoffman, CEO & Founder of Mamma Chia.
After announcing the release of an internet video search engine, stocks of Montreal-based Mamma.
The recently remodeled Mamma Says manufacturing facility provides state-of-the-art packaging capability and a strategic location in the northeast part of the US close to many key customers, and additionally provides a secondary manufacturing location for Nonni's Biscotti.
We are focused on working with Copernic towards the completion of this deal," said Guy Faure, President and CEO of Mamma.
com and InfoSpace have had successful technology partnerships in the past," said Guy Faure, President and CEO of Mamma.