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To check the effect of exogenous placental lactogen, on the female mice, growth of mammary glands and impact on mice dermal tissues was monitored.
The new data challenge the current model of the cellular hierarchy and lineage restriction that governs the mammary gland expansion and maintenance and provide clear evidence that the ER+ and ER- cells are maintained by distinct pool of lineage restricted stem cells.
Just below the epithelial tissue is a thinner layer of muscle tissue that gradually increases in thickness, giving rise to a layer of connective tissue septa between the cells of the mammary gland complex (Figure 2A), as described by Banks (1992).
1954) reported a case of a three-year-old Aberdeen Angus heifer, which in late pregnancy developed an undifferentiated mammary gland carcinoma, associated with mastitis and abortion.
Additionally, levels of mRNA, which were related to lactation, regulatory, mammary development and mammary gland specific glucose transporter genes, were analyzed.
As such, developing a model of a normal breast with the actual architecture of a mammary gland has long been a 'Holy Grail' for cancer researchers.
Next, rats were allocated into 5 groups (15 per group), control group without any treatment; mammary gland group administered DMBA at a dose of 20 mg/kg orally in corn oil.
In this paper, we describe the in vivo effects of E2, 3-MC, and E2 + 3-MC on transcriptional and translational regulation of mRNA and protein levels to develop a mechanistic understanding of the interactions between AHR- and ER-mediated signaling pathways in the rat mammary gland in a physiol ogical context.
A Study on Canine Mammary Gland Neoplasia and its Surgical Management.
According to a local veterinary hospital there are a growing number of pets being diagnosed with benign and malignant tumors of the mammary glands, also known as breast cancer
The protein ZnT2 transports zinc in specific tissues in the body, including the mammary glands.
Dose responsive induction of mammary gland carcinomas by the intraperitoneal injection of 1-methyl-1-nitrosourea.