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The scientists first took just 200 milligrams of bone from a mammoth that had lived 12,000 years ago in northeastern Siberia.
It may also be possible to turn an elephant into a mammoth by tampering with its genes.
Aimed at workgroup departmental server applications rather than midrange and enterprise markets targeted by AIT and Mammoth, DDS-4 provides 20GB of native capacity on a single DAT cartridge while boosting data rate performance to 3MB/sec.
Mid-Winter "Snow Guarantee" Pass is good through at least February 10, 2012 and is extended one day for every day that Mammoth Mountain does not cumulatively receive 24 inches of snow
Residents of Pasadena TX deserve a higher standard of customer service and Mammoth Plumbing has set the industry standard.
SCIENTISTS have decoded the DNA of the woolly mammoth - raising the possibility that the extinct beasts could one day be recreated.
It's pretty standard dogma in mammoth circles that there was only one species of mammoth in Siberia," says Tom Gilbert, a paleontologist at the University of Copenhagen.
About a dozen ski- and snowboard-related deaths were reported last winter at resorts from Mammoth Mountain to Lake Tahoe to Mount Shasta.
Japanese officials putting together a world's fair in 2005, are searching Siberia for an intact frozen mammoth to bring back to be the star of their show.
Paleontologists (fossil unearthed a perfectly intact wooly mammoth, assembled the longest-necked dinosaur, and uncovered what may be the world's oldest tree.
Its Mammoth drive was largely designed inside Exabyte--its delayed release damaged the company's reputation and allowed competitors to eat into its market share.
Mammoth Lakes, California is an ideal destination for travelers searching for an adventure-packed alpine winter vacation that includes downhill skiing and much more.