man of law

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Public opinion impowers the man of law when this is done, to advertise the negro in the newspapers, warning his owner to come and claim him, or he will be sold to pay the jail fees.
EyE-p Elci, the cousin of Elci stated that Tahir Elci had been being threatened for long time and "Tahir Elci was a brave man, he was a man of law, he would say the truth all the time.
It added Moreno-Ocampo ignored his role as a man of law, who is obligated to investigate evidence-backed crimes without referring to the UN Security Council or member states.
As a man of law I am best equipped to participate in issuing and amending laws," he said.
I am a man of law, I believe in international justice," he said.
Al-Nur said the ICC Prosecutor is a man of law and political pressures on his legal action are inappropriate and could exasperate hatred between the different ethnic groups in the country.
HE WAS raised on a green hill in a shipbuilding town, which had known some highs and lows, but in later years, when times were tough, it would benefit from his experience as a consummate man of law and business.
JOHN Altman has faced down his most famous part as villainous Nasty Nick in East Enders with roles in Chicago and Bouncers, and now he has finally become a man of law.
In the Prologue, the Man of Law presents Chaucer as a wholly successful literary translator, one who has even surpassed his Latin authority, Ovid.
When a man of law comes out and criticises that law, it demands attention.
The tale Chaucer's Man of Law tells regularly presents students with genuine interpretive perplexities.
After graduation, our man of law became an assistant US attorney, which he described as "a dream job, because it presented an opportunity to combat things I, growing up, had felt were terribly unjust.