man of learning

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Your father, too, was a man of learning as befitted his position; no man more plausibly conducted school; nor had he the manner or the speech of a common dominie; but (as ye will yourself remember) I took aye a pleasure to have him to the manse to meet the gentry; and those of my own house, Campbell of Kilrennet, Campbell of Dunswire, Campbell of Minch, and others, all well-kenned gentlemen, had pleasure in his society.
Troy was not only a man of learning and experience in his profession-- he was also a man who had seen something of society at home and abroad.
What is the true character of a man of learning? How does he behave and deal with issues?
Becher presented himself both as a practical man who understood the skills of merchants and artisans and as a man of learning whose medical doctorate qualified him for the traditional position of court physician.