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In other words, Vandover graduates from Harvard a prototypical Veblenian man of leisure, with no useful skills or productive inclinations, and no worse habit than "a vague distaste for responsibility, and an inclination to shirk disagreeable duties" (19).
Born into a family of hatamoto, or "petty samurai," Tanehiko was evidently a man of leisure and often idleness, able to devote his full attention, or the major portion thereof, to the passing social scene of urban culture and to his antiquarian interests.
impossible to say if I am simply a man of leisure or if I am tied to these trees like a martyr to idleness, condemned to swing gently in the cool shade until dead.
honeyball also had news of Man Of Leisure, who has twice failed to complete over fences since winning five of his first six races for the stable over hurdles, saying: "he might not be good enough to win a novice hurdle, but he's going to Cheltenham with just an 8lb penalty for five wins.
The Bellshill man had vowed to dedicate more time to the game when he retired from his lifelong trade as a joiner - and couldn't have started his first year as a man of leisure better.
But George just couldn't get used to being a man of leisure - and applied to council managers to J get his old job back.
Meanwhile, my husband is currently a man of leisure and I'm the sole breadwinner, which means I actually have to do some work and get up before Neighbours.