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Oliver Wendell Holmes: Physician and Man of Letters is an anthology of essays by learned authors discussing physician, author, and poet Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894), whose distinguished colleagues included the legendary Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Actually, A Man of Letters is a collection of excerpts from letters I have sent and received since 1960, on topics ranging from education to economics, law, the media, Third World countries and--in a very few places--black intellectuals.
Thus he went so far as to say, in his lectures On Heroes and Hero Worship, that the man of letters is "our most important modern person" placing him alongside the priest, prophet, and poet of previous ages.
He may have written about cornflakes or, in "The Common Life," talked about "our roll-call of persons we would least like to go to bed with," but his is the voice of the old man of letters, not the young rebel.
Ratings: TICERO (82), Gatwick (80), Galvanise (78), Man of Letters (76).
He was also a man of letters, something few powerbrokers are.
He is convincing in his argument that in order for Cavalieri's importance, creativity, and impact to be understood, he needs to be seen in all of these contexts at once: as humanist and man of letters, artistic patron and collector, creative director, manager, political actor, devoted Christian.
This was the ordering principle that should govern society, and Tate saw his own role as that of a man of letters who took serio usly the duty of defending that order.
ROY Keane, foot- baller, man of letters, and pugilist has announced that he intends to accept the job of managing the Northern Ireland Football Team.
In at least four of our cases, Gultekin Agaoglu [5] (pediatrician; daughter of a well-known Turkish nationalist father), Hayrunnisa Koni [ 6] (teacher; daughter of an engineer father, educated in the engineering colleges which were the bases of late Ottoman modernization and positivism), Mulhime Ince [7] (hydro-engineer; daughter of a man of letters, an upper bureaucrat father) and Seniye Fenmen (a well known ceramic artist daughter of a man of letters) [8] cannot find much to tell about their mothers, while they explicitly stress the influence of their fathers in their modernist outlook and personality.
Born in 1904, Miyazawa took on the family pawn shop business, after which he began working as a man of letters.
From a very early period, you were my special hero as a man of letters.