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Allotment holder Lewis Llewellyn, 65, said the group was prepared to man the barricades to stop developers.
It is up to the courage of you who care for our country to stand up, be counted, be inspired and man the barricades.
A desire to subvert the norm, to depart from tradition, to man the barricades and tear up the rules?
The People's Party has been reduced to rousing its followers to man the barricades in support of a spurious equality between homosexuality and the natural heterosexual relationship.
The person who decided the Democrats should man the barricades for Synfuels will probably become Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1986, replacing the retiring Tip O'Neill.
We are not here to trip them up or man the barricades.
A shame, then, that Arsenal fans are a bit too spoiled to man the barricades.
There was no tub-thumping and no call to man the barricades or stage a protest demo.
It wasn't exactly Rourke's Drift when the half-time whistle blew at Twickenham last week but there's no doubt the Welsh looked like they would have to man the barricades in the second period.