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In the absence of the injured Matt Upson and with Martin Taylor almost certainly out, it means 34-year-old Kenny Cunningham and 30-year-old Oliver Tebily will try to man the barricades and they lack the pace to counter a Rooney, Saha or Cristiano Ronaldo.
Boro's Brisbane fans are calling for every Teesside exile in Queensland to man the barricades.
It is up to the courage of you who care for our country to stand up, be counted, be inspired and man the barricades.
They man the barricades for these, but they remain obtuse leader Stephen Harper accused the Liberal government of imposing same-sex "marriage" on Canadians through the back door by going through the courts rather than Parliament.
I was both incensed and exasperated by this reaction: It's easy to recommend that people man the barricades when you know that you're nowhere near the front lines.
When no one else-not Fortune, Industry Week, or even the Wall Street Journal--was willing to man the barricades, CE boldly drew its sartorial line in the sand.