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It then discusses the man-made fiber market which includes a brief overview of the market covering the production and installed capacity in India.
Process control systems for nonwovens, textile and man-made fiber lines.
At the anniversary event of the man-made fibers congress in the previous year, the foundation was laid for the next 50 years.
Recycled PSF is a man-made fiber as polyester staple fiber and polyester filament yarn.
It represents the world's first man-made fiber derived from 100 percent annually renewable resources.
In a first step a new logo has been developed that reflects the claim: meeting point of the international man-made fiber world, more dynamics, information and innovation.
High ranking representatives from international roof organisations of the fiber-making industry will explain their key actities in the development of world-wide and regional man-made fiber production.
PLA is the first man-made fiber derived from a 100 percent natural source.
Polyester, the most common man-made fiber, still has issues like pilling, clinginess and odor retention, but clearly today's polyester does not have the same stigmas it did a decade ago.
Companies boarding the investment bandwagon include Asia Polymer, Taiwan Styrene Monomer, Grand Pacific Petrochemical, Oriental Union Chemical, China Man-Made Fiber, and Taiwan VCM, which have decided to expand their capacities for such ethylene derivates as EG, SM, PE, and VCM.
The four with the extended decision-making period are cotton and man-made fiber sweaters, cotton and man-made fiber dressing gowns and robes, men's and boys' wool trousers, and knit fabric.
BRUSSELS, Belgium-Cargill Dow's Ingeo fibers, a man-made fiber derived from corn, will make its first appearance in draperies here at Decosit.