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Why, the fact is, Haley, Tom is an uncommon fellow; he is certainly worth that sum anywhere,--steady, honest, capable, manages my whole farm like a clock.
How do you manage, Biddy," said I, "to learn everything that I learn, and always to keep up with me?
Well, speak, then, and manage it, and see if you can't turn over a new leaf.
I manage the house and look after the servants, as my friend Madame Pelet does for Monsieur her son--nothing more.
Sometimes I feel rather lonely, especially in the evening; but I generally manage to interest myself in something or in some one.
The master is not so called from his knowing how to manage his slave, but because he is so; for the same reason a slave and a freeman have their respective appellations.
The various expeditions that had ascended the Nile could never manage to reach the mysterious source of that river.
Should you call it bad news to be told that you were to live at Stone Court, and manage the farm, and be remarkably prudent, and save money every year till all the stock and furniture were your own, and you were a distinguished agricultural character, as Mr.