manage poorly

See: mismanage
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In addition, they engaged in a practical exercise, based on a fictional scenario on boundary delimitation, demarcation and management by identifying ways to manage poorly demarcated borders .
Before I delve into that argument, which I will manage poorly I warn you now, let me say this to Bill: In previous columns about what church can be, I've always lumped us up as fallen sinners, because that has been my view of being human.
hundreds of ways to Manage poorly. I must add that I have worked under supervisors whom I admired, and discovered the positives of leadership from them.
So, what happens when the money managers manage poorly, or not at all, and the bodyguards let down their guard?
For instance, school districts have sometimes looked to private companies to manage poorly performing schools.
Intuitive natural computer interfaces will not evolve by making computers smarter simulacra of the brains we don't yet understand and manage poorly but by designing better tools for the entire human race.