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However, this type of out-of-band approach reintroduces some of the manageability challenges of the host-based approach.
Oracle Database 10g ups the ante for database manageability and leaves competitors playing catch up," said Barry Cohen, CTO, Edison Group.
Now any vendor can use the ATCA Manageability Tester to meet the criteria of CP-TA's 'Compliant to v1.
It will provide universal interconnect with Serial ATA, while offering logical SCSI compatibility along with improvements in the reliability, performance and manageability of Parallel SCSI.
Manageability, scalability, and cost issues are driving server and storage consolidation.
Expanding on its existing integration with HP CCI, Altiris provides both system deployment and now software application virtualization to help simplify manageability and enhance the computing experience.
As these appear in products, they will allow users to manage all heterogeneous storage components easily from one utility, thereby significantly adding to the usability and manageability proposition.
Today, that key to systems manageability in a virtualized environment is available and accessible to customers of all sizes, architectures and budgets.
The company unveiled the Unified Manageability Architecture that provides a blueprint to standardize infrastructure management, a new console architecture in collaboration with systems management leader Altiris and new industry partnerships.
With more than 10,000 customers in over 100 countries, SWsoft's suite ofE[sz]award-winning products delivers proven performance, manageability and value.
Cisco Systems [R] today addressed key customer trends that are driving change in the data center with new products and offerings for its Cisco[R] Catalyst[R] switching portfolio that help enable more scalable architectures, easier operational manageability, and comprehensive resilience.
0 introduces several new features to an already robust feature set dramatically increasing its scalability and manageability.