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Another function of the managed service provider is to obtain a per-session or per-call measure of latency and jitter, and trigger an alarm if these indicators go above certain thresholds.
where he managed a sales team responsible for the distribution of all tax-exempt products to institutional investors in the Midwest.
The Path to a More Robust Managed Care: Infection Control Collaboration
In 1993, Ohio was the first state to formally adopt a managed self-audit program.
The managed care industry itself is aware of these issues.
But isn't this precisely the claim managed care organizations have been making for well over a decade now?
Second, utilization reviews are conducted in managed care plans.
Now that so many people have experience with managed care - 53 million in HMOs and at least 70 million in other types of plans - the nation's attention appears to have shifted from concern about getting runaway costs under control to questions about whether managed care has gone too far.
There is a huge demand for remotely managed backup and recovery as a managed service in the SMB market.
Also, the benefits of managed care aren't as apparent to physicians or their patients.
Getting our organizations ready for global capitation, horizontally or vertically integrating, assuring adequate capital for managed care information needs, adopting more effective practice patterns, aligning the economic incentives of physicians and hospitals.