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Top 10 Passively Managed Target-Date Funds, Total Assets
Italtel-Cisco BVS makes it possible for service providers to meet a wide range of customers' needs, from a completely hosted and managed model, to a mix of managed and self-managed services.
In this regard, index funds and tax-managed funds typically provide shareholders with more control than do actively managed funds, because they have a lower annual portfolio turnover rate.
Disease management has been touted as the savior of managed care.
Bottom Line: He rose from co-heading the ADS business to single-handedly heading the Global Structured Finance Operation, which boasts seven segments in excess of $100 billion of annual managed new issues volume and 300 staff members in London, New York, and Tokyo.
Managed care can contribute to infection control programs in several ways.
Instead, put your money in passively managed funds.
In May, for example, the New York state attorney general's office said it was investigating some managed care plans for allegedly telling patients and doctors that patients must first get approval from their primary care doctor to be covered for an emergency room visit.
WHEN managed care moves into an area, health care spending appears to drop for Medicare beneficiaries served by the traditional fee-for-service program, according to a study published in the February 3 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.
It is not necessarily problematic for certain aspects of brand and reputation to be managed in this way.
The ISO was the employer of record for consumers' attendants and managed all the paperwork related to hiring and employer-related tax and payroll tasks, including the brokering of benefits and legal tasks related to the attendants.