management of natural resources

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Tenders are invited for Participation and monitoring of public policies on the management of natural resources and the fight against gender violence - 2018
Tim Jones, NRW executive director for north and mid Wales, said: "Our review has been extremely broad as the new Environment Act requires NRW to plan and manage its work with sustainable management of natural resources as a foundation for all its decisions.
10 (Petra) -- The 2017 World Science Forum on Friday released a statement calling for retaining scientific capacity threatened by worldwide migration and the need to find equitable and sustainable management of natural resources in order to avoid conflicts and promote peaceful development.
5 (SUNA) - A supervisory mission of the World Bank to visit Khartoum at the end of current November to inspect the projects of the sustainable management of natural resources and the implementation of the projects of pastures, forests and wildlife in the states of Kassala, Gezira and White Nile.
The project addresses the management of natural resources, strengthening of basic agricultural infrastructure and equipment, through involvement of public stakeholders, professionals and private sectors in the various agricultural sectors.
The purpose of this paper is to develop a set of interoperable system models for ensuring smooth and quick supply of VGI to ensure management of natural resources of Pakistan.
The analyses show how different gender groups can be integrated into the sustainable management of natural resources, based on their needs, relations, and their roles.
Management of Natural Resources, Sustainable Development and Ecological Hazards IV; proceedings
The Ministry of Environment is responsible for the rational management of natural resources
The program will help reach key objectives for the region: efficient management of natural resources, increased cross-border networks and interactions, boosted tourism, preserved cultural and natural heritage and investments in youth, education and skills, according to a media statement of the European Commission.
Issues of poverty, vulnerability to climate shocks, ethnic marginalization and the transparent, sustainable and equitable management of natural resources must be considered within and alongside peace agreements if to build more resilient and prosperous societies," he stressed.
Minister Sirojiddin Aslov also stressed that "the achievement of these goals is possible only by increasing regional cooperation in trade, investment, tourism, management of natural resources, and the exchange of technology and information.
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