management of resources

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While RMT focuses on the allocation and management of resources, the microfoundations perspective argues for a deeper understanding of the very nature of resources (Foss, 2011b).
The ability to scale the delivery of rich media services as traffic growth saturates data networks requires dynamic management of resources and bandwidth," said Glen Tindal, CTO of Intelliden.
ISM defines supply management as the identification, acquisition, access, positioning and management of resources the organization needs or potentially needs in the attainment of its strategic objectives.
Holistic network view for better management of resources
0 continues to drive the business service management market forward as it optimizes critical IT services to reduce costs, improve business efficiencies and prioritize management of resources.
GRM solutions help organizations reduce redundant processes and bring more efficiency to the capture, design and analysis of network asset information and the management of resources involved in service delivery.
Healthcare resource planning products from McKesson Information Solutions help healthcare organizations enhance care delivery by optimizing the management of resources including labor, supplies and capital associated with the supply chain.
MediClick serves all hospital departments and functions requiring procurement, replenishment and management of resources, supplies and materials.
NUMACenter provides consolidated management of resources, hardware investment protection and a lower cost of applications delivery compared with a pure UNIX environment.
The Great Amman territory represents 45% of the country's total drinking water consumption and needs to improve its existing infrastructures while applying a tighter management of resources.
FORPOST also includes tools for management of resources and prognostication.

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