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One who has charge of a corporation and control of its business, or of its branch establishments, divisions, or departments, and who is vested with a certain amount of discretion and independent judgment. A person chosen or appointed to manage, direct, or administer the affairs of another person or of a business, sports team, or the like. The designation of manager implies general power and permits reasonable inferences that the employee so designated is invested with the general conduct and control of the employer's business.

See: administrator, caretaker, chief, comptroller, custodian, director, employer, executive, factor, principal, proctor, procurator, proprietor, superintendent

MANAGER. A person, appointed or elected to manage the affairs of another, but the term is more usually applied to those officers of a corporation who are authorized to manage its affairs. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 190.
     2. In banking corporations these officers are commonly called directors, and the power to conduct the affairs of the company, is vested in a board of directors. In other private corporations, such as railroad companies, canal, coal companies, and the like, these officers are called managers. Being agents, when their authority is limited, they have no power to bind their principal beyond such authority. 17 Mass. R. 29; 1 Greenl. R. 81.
     3. The persons appointed on the part of the house of representatives to prosecute impeachments before the senate, are called managers.

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