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Set side by side, they draw two different worlds closer together: the market-driven, managerially governed academic environment and the dark domain of the witch.
Universities have long had a tradition of supporting academic independence, so we viewed with alarm a recent proposal to save money by moving the undergraduate medical education budget and the funding for the Medical Research Council from the university sector to the UK Government's Department of Health, where the funding would come under pressure both financially and managerially.
That's the reason why we can easily show our strength for the mega projects - financially, managerially and operationally.
He focuses on technical challenges in applying enterprise computing, with a focus on a managerially, technically, and financially viable solution to support best practices in business operations in organizations.
These services were legally and managerially distinct from ACORN's organizing operations.
To this end, Industry Notes will continue to feature articles with an emphasis on transportation, logistics, and supply chain topics that are managerially relevant and timely to the profession.
Then we realised that manufacturing cars can help our country in all fields, so we began to work towards this goal by first developing ourselves technically and managerially," El-Assar explained.
There is a risk, with no or reverse growth, that the system could come close to collapse morally and managerially.
However, in recent years, these government-owned factories have managerially deteriorated and are now in danger bankruptcy.
In addition, the contribution margin income statement differs from year-end audited statements in that it eschews the NACUBO (National Association of College and University Business Officers) functional classifications that hide managerially relevant information, such as the relationship between expenses and revenues.
I am delighted that LOCSU is now managerially and clinically led by someone who has a wealth of experience at every level - from having been a LOC member in the past to working with national organisations in order to make the case for enhanced services.
We hope that they press the crisis button immediately and do what is needed technically as well as managerially to provide electricity to all," he added.