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We really do need efficient, practical, managerially minded people who can write in efficient, practical, and managerially minded ways if we are to avoid the familiar sort of dystopia--the one with the felled forests and melted ice sheets.
Drastic action is needed, as soon as possible, to shake up a system that is fiscally and managerially broken.
The 10 years of Madame Reve have taken us very far, artistically, managerially and operationally.
For a lot of women in the NHS, the changes have been about moving away from a regimented, very ordered profession, very practical and hands-on, to a more overseeing role that's much more complex managerially.
Essentially they were a co-operative of volunteers; managerially democratic and non-hierarchical, they challenged a conservative local art world with a proposition that was as aesthetically adventurous as it was accessible.
Ivano Iannelli, CEO of DSCE, said: "We started with Dubai because it was our first edition and it was managerially possible, but this year we are going to have a UAE edition which will cover all the emirates.
On the surface, operators face opposing forces: the desire to maximize profit on their buildings while these HPD violations only increase demands on resources both managerially and financially, offering no obvious benefit in revenue growth.
Universities have long had a tradition of supporting academic independence, so we viewed with alarm a recent proposal to save money by moving the undergraduate medical education budget and the funding for the Medical Research Council from the university sector to the UK Government's Department of Health, where the funding would come under pressure both financially and managerially.
That's the reason why we can easily show our strength for the mega projects - financially, managerially and operationally.
The core question of the case is whether PHW can deliver on these goals while at the same time making PHW financially and managerially self-sustaining.
He focuses on technical challenges in applying enterprise computing, with a focus on a managerially, technically, and financially viable solution to support best practices in business operations in organizations.
To this end, Industry Notes will continue to feature articles with an emphasis on transportation, logistics, and supply chain topics that are managerially relevant and timely to the profession.