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Though he was a little 'green' managerially when he took the job from Rafa Benitez, there's little doubting that he has what it takes and, frankly, he's put Barca's second-rate second string to shame.
"I'm 44 this year and I'm still learning, tactically and managerially," he says.
They can also be more subtle: "re-orgs" that move offenders away physically and managerially, cold shoulder responses in team meetings or other less-than-mature actions.
In my experience, such types can be disorganised, managerially inefficient and incapable of meeting deadlines.
As Cintia Diaz, responsible of the action at ACCIONA Microenergia Peru, explains when the Demonstrative Centro Luz en Casa was showed to the entrepreneurs, they got excited about having immediately the products in their houses, and so developing entrepreneurially and managerially .
Managerially, health systems must leverage engagement of their care providers, working through them instead of around them, because resource utilization will only decrease with the education and re-engineering of the care delivery pathway.
Most importantly, because it doesn't provide a stable, multi-year budget horizon, this one-year approach is managerially unsound, and also unfairly dispiriting to our force.
We really do need efficient, practical, managerially minded people who can write in efficient, practical, and managerially minded ways if we are to avoid the familiar sort of dystopia--the one with the felled forests and melted ice sheets.
Drastic action is needed, as soon as possible, to shake up a system that is fiscally and managerially broken.
"The 10 years of Madame Reve have taken us very far, artistically, managerially and operationally.
"For a lot of women in the NHS, the changes have been about moving away from a regimented, very ordered profession, very practical and hands-on, to a more overseeing role that's much more complex managerially.
Essentially they were a co-operative of volunteers; managerially democratic and non-hierarchical, they challenged a conservative local art world with a proposition that was as aesthetically adventurous as it was accessible.