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They are mighty onpleasant; but, as I manages business, I generally avoids 'em, sir.
Dona Rita confessed to me that the old fellow made her heart beat with such force that she couldn't manage to smile at him.
I think of getting Garth to manage for me--he has made such a capital plan for my buildings; and Lovegood is hardly up to the mark.
He takes, indeed, the old themes, and manages them better than their old masters, with more delicate cadences, more delicate transitions of thought, through long dwelling on earlier practice.
It can't happen for some time," said the Tin Woodman, trying to speak cheerfully; "for we shall be able to keep Jinjur out of the palace until she manages to break down the doors.
No, it is my mother,' I replied; 'she manages things so well, and is so active, and clever, and kind.
I 've been trying to keep him all night; Miss Mills always manages to find a corner for stray people, but he insists on going, so as to get to work early to-morrow," said Polly, delighted to see that Tom was taking off his coat, as if he meant to wait for Maud's apple, which Polly blessed for being so slow to cook.
His next step is to place himself at the orders of Madame; he brings the monthly thirteen thousand francs whenever wanted; he advances or delays the payment as requested, and thus manages to obtain, as they said in the monasteries, a voice in the chapter.
Davies's eldest son, who manages a farm of his own, is the man of business in the market.
In fine weather he generally manages to get through the time pretty well, but on rainy days, of which we have had a good many of late, it is quite painful to witness his ennui.
It's a tiresome feeling, but not an important one, and one easily manages it.
At the age of eleven or thereabouts women acquire a poise and an ability to handle difficult situations which a man, if he is lucky, manages to achieve somewhere in the later seventies.