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Managing underwriters can survive and prosper if they continue to offer value to both carriers and agents.
Unfortunately, traditional enterprise network management systems and tools are not designed to monitor specific factors that affect voice quality, which makes them insufficient for monitoring and managing today's VoIP network.
senior managing partner of investment banking powerhouse Lazard Freres--dominated Washington power circles and served as a confidant to former President Bill Clinton.
Managing risk on an integrated and enterprise-wide basis is a vital issue confronting executives, with the CFO a key decision-maker in crafting the company s strategy.
Four individuals were promoted to senior managing director:
The managed care era of the '80s and '90s (truly a misnomer for an era focused largely on managing costs) has provoked many new problems for our organizations and profession.
Life/health general agents, property/casualty managing general agents and other managing general underwriters are developing this new business model.
In addition, there is a consistent relationship between managing physician expense and the urgency of the next quarter's bottom line in either a for-profit or not-for-profit managed care organization.
In an 1989 case in Michigan, certain contracting psychiatrists in a General Motors pilot program aimed at managing mental health care sued to stop the program on a variety of grounds.

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