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As 1 September 2018, the Digitalist Group's leadership team consist of Ville Tolvanen, managing partner / chief executive officer; Leijonborg, managing partner / chief technology officer; Mattinen, managing partner / chief client officer (starting on 1st October 2018); Nettamo, managing partner / chief experience officer; Hans Parvikoski, managing partner / chief financial officer; Johan Almqvist, managing partner; Grubb, managing partner; Hannelin, managing partner; Teppo Kuisma, managing partner; Sjoblom, managing partner; Osterlund, managing partner and Korhonen, group director, People and Competences.
The Top Achievers in the New York office include principals Bob Bundy, Brian Higgins and Paul Revson; Chris Kraus, senior managing director; Lindsay Ornstein, director; Drew Saunders, director; and Jim Wenk, director.
In time, SMS became an effective policy engine for managing storage resources and required users to get to know their data and to better understand its value enabling businesses to have access to the right data at the right place at the right time.
For those companies that opt for a CRO role, she says, the current trend is to fill the slot from the ranks of line business leaders--people who are used to managing risk in every iteration all day, every day.
In an era when many managing general underwriters are being squeezed or find themselves struggling to survive, how does an organization manage to stay strong and prosper?
Carlos Garcia has been promoted to executive managing director of banking and insurance operations; Keith McLaughlin has been promoted to executive managing director; Joe Anderson has been promoted to senior managing director of the Consumer Markets Division; Andrew S.
With its next wave of deliverables for Project Golden Gate, BMC Software is continuing to provide database administrators (DBAs) with a consistent strategy for managing their mixed database environments.
Managing outcomes is also important to organizations for regulatory and accreditation purposes.
Taylor II, a former managing director for Bankers Trust and head of its Global Automotive Coverage Group, launched their own firms, both of which were not large enough to qualify for our list.
While computer-aided design (CAD) systems are expert in design and design analysis, and product data management (PDM) systems are excellent at managing all the bits and pieces of geometric definitions and data that go into that design.
Section 225.171--What are the limitations on managing or operating a portfolio company held as a merchant banking investment?

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