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Qui dum uiui armis feriuntur, uulnera eorum absque cruore albescunt, mortuis uero uix cessat sanguis manare.
0 mm SL male, Tanjung Manare, Waigeo Island, west side at about middle of width off small cape (00[degrees]16'26.
TWO young thugs who escaped being locked up for a "vicious" assault on a manare set for long periods behind bars after top judges yesterday overturned the decision not to jail them.
Brave Inca and Mighty Manare a class apart and I expect them to fight it out today'
Striker Laurent Battles opened the scoring in the ninth minute before Fode Manare and Albin Ebondo netted.
I siciliani sono dunque gelosissimi e "l'isola e piena di ladri, ne spaventar lor possono manare, prigioni, forche, ceppi et catene", i calabresi sono "infami di micidii, ladronecci, et della piu sporca et abominevol lussuria", e in generale