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Passalus (Pertinax) mancus Burmeister, 1847:506; Luederwaldt, 1931:97; Fonseca & Reyes-Castillo 2004:16 (cat.
Pilus dentilis on fixed cheliceral digits absent in this new species but it is present in Phytoseius (Phytoseius) mancus.
Neither Bothus mancus in the Indo-Pacific nor Bothus lunatus in the Caribbean are poisonous; thus it is impossible to invoke Batesian mimicry as the model for these interactions.
The recent discovery of a gold mancus, a coin worth thirty silver pennies, minted in Lundenwic during the reign of the Mercian king Coenwulf (796-821) is, at first sight, puzzling.
Procambarus (Ortmannicus) mancus Hobbs and Walton [CS] Greene, Jasper, Jones, Kemper, Lamar, Lauderdale, Newton, Noxubee.
Wheat Wireworm--Agriotes mancus, family Elateridae; a beetle whose larva infests wheat, generally feeding on roots of mature plants.
Mancus (1992) found that male elementary teaching candidates reported that male more than female teachers influenced their views of teaching as a profession.
Children can come to terms with the stresses of moving by using creative thinking strategies such as fantasizing, brainstorming, making analogies and inventing metaphor; children who find it difficult to communicate in other ways often find drawing, writing, music, dance and puppetry to be effective outlets for their feelings (Mancus & Mancus, 1976).