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In some states the insurance commissioner is authorized to enact a mandate through regulation, in other places, the courts have effectively mandated coverages through case law.
For example, perhaps a municipal government is mandated by the state to contribute a certain amount of funding to the local school district each year.
Corn starch ethanol or extra advanced biofuel use beyond the mandated volume could be used to fill this gap.
A school district or private school that opts to discontinue or modify mandated activities must annually maintain and update a list of such activities and provide the list to the State Board of Education upon request.
This paper explores what gets mandated, when, and where, by using a comparative and historical approach to study mandated benefit or service laws.
A majority of officers have mastered much of the mandated training and often work in areas where the training has little job relevancy.
For those who want mandated coverages, Hillman points out that all of Colorado's existing mandates continue to apply to the dozens of other policies offered by every insurance company.
While Saskatchewan and Quebec's offices contained all communications functions with British Columbia and Newfoundland rating second followed by Alberta and Manitoba rated at third and Nova Scotia fourth, Ontario had no discernible communications in any of the comparison functions, including no mandated information materials describing the Advocacy Office.
Section 1038 of that Act mandated that all federally funded projects must use a percentage of rubberized asphalt, he says.
State mandated objectives need to be adapted to be on the developmental level of the Involved learner.
We assume that the federal government chooses a mandated level of environmental quality, denoted x,(16) with which the state must comply.
Mandated territories were separated into three distinct classifications "according to the stage of the development of the people, the geographical situation of the territory, its economic conditions and other similar circumstances.