mandated territory

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(146) On April 22, 1923 the Council of the League of Nations determined: '(1) The status of the native inhabitants of a mandated territory is distinct from that of the Mandatory Power and cannot be identified therewith by any process having general application.
In the early 1920s, following World War I, France and Britain negotiated the border between France's mandated territory in Lebanon and Syria and Britain's mandate in Palestine.
An Anglo-Australian-New Zealand consortium took control of this mandated territory in 1920 under the remit of the League of Nations.
(50) Rather, consistent with its treatment of the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, the court declared: In 1947 the United Kingdom announced its intention to complete evacuation of the mandated territory by 1 August 1948, subsequently advancing that date to 15 May 1948.
At the time of the UN resolution, which gave 55 per cent of the mandated territory to Israel, the one-third of the population who were Jewish (the vast majority of whom were city-based, recent immigrants) owned less than 6 per cent of the land.