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Peremptory; obligatory; required; that which must be subscribed to or obeyed.

Mandatory statutes are those that require, as opposed to permit, a particular course of action. Their language is characterized by such directive terms as "shall" as opposed to "may." A mandatory provision is one that must be observed, whereas a directory provision is optional.

An example of a mandatory provision is a law that provides that an election judge must endorse his or her initials on a ballot.


adj., adv. absolutely demanded or required.


adjective binding, bounden, called for, coercive, commanded, commanding, compulsory, decreed, demanded, essential, exigent, imperative, incumbent on, indispensable, involuntary, necessary, necessitous, obligatory, ordained, peremptory, prerequisite, prescribed, pressing, required, requisite, urgent, vital, without appeal, without choice
Associated concepts: mandatory injunction, mandatory reeief, mandatory sentence, mandatory statutory provisions
See also: binding, compulsory, conclusive, decretal, determinative, essential, exigent, imperative, indispensable, inevitable, involuntary, necessary, obligatory, peremptory, positive, requisite, unavoidable
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He therefore prayed the court to declare governmentaACAOs policy decision to deregulate the downstream sector by not fixing prices at which petroleum products may be sold in Nigeria aACoeunlawful, null and void and of no effect whatsoever.aACA[yen] He further sought for an order restraining government and its collaborators from deregulating the downstream sector of the petroleum industry or from failing to fix prices for petroleum products as mandatorily required by the Petroleum Act and the Price Control Act.
The price of the shares, which are mandatorily convertible in common shares on 1 March 2014, was set at USD100 (EUR73.1) apiece.
The circular also mentions that foreign firms looking to acquire a Chinese enterprise will now have to mandatorily file an application with the Ministry of Commerce.
"Failure to comply will result in the CBN directing the affected auditors to mandatorily resign," the Abujaheadquartered bank said in a statement.
The quality manager can determine the data to be entered mandatorily by the employee.
Additionally, Cemex has raised $2.2 billion in equity and mandatorily convertible securities and sold its Australian operations to Holcim for $1.7 billion.
ArcelorMittal has issued a USD750m bond mandatorily convertible into preferred shares.
At a meeting in London, the board agreed that colourings in food and drinks should be mandatorily phased out in the EU, but that UK manufacturers should voluntarily remove the additives by 2009.
In the interest of international convergence, this specifically addresses the computation of incremental shares under the treasury stock method, the earnings-per-share effect of mandatorily convertible securities and the earnings-per-share effect of instruments that may be settled in cash or shares.
Specifically, the proposed changes would clarity earnings per share computations involving certain instruments, such as mandatorily convertible instruments and contractual obligations that may be settled with cash or by issuing shares.
The proposed changes would clarify earnings per share computations involving certain instruments, such as mandatorily convertible instruments and contractual obligations that may be settled with cash or by issuing shares.
Because the contract allowed the development of government-contractor relationships over a two-year period of performance, the strategy significantly enhanced the potential for improvement and efficiency over the normal, mandatorily competed individual procurement.