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Peremptory; obligatory; required; that which must be subscribed to or obeyed.

Mandatory statutes are those that require, as opposed to permit, a particular course of action. Their language is characterized by such directive terms as "shall" as opposed to "may." A mandatory provision is one that must be observed, whereas a directory provision is optional.

An example of a mandatory provision is a law that provides that an election judge must endorse his or her initials on a ballot.


adj., adv. absolutely demanded or required.


adjective binding, bounden, called for, coercive, commanded, commanding, compulsory, decreed, demanded, essential, exigent, imperative, incumbent on, indispensable, involuntary, necessary, necessitous, obligatory, ordained, peremptory, prerequisite, prescribed, pressing, required, requisite, urgent, vital, without appeal, without choice
Associated concepts: mandatory injunction, mandatory reeief, mandatory sentence, mandatory statutory provisions
See also: binding, compulsory, conclusive, decretal, determinative, essential, exigent, imperative, indispensable, inevitable, involuntary, necessary, obligatory, peremptory, positive, requisite, unavoidable
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I urge each of you to consider or reconsider your position on mandatory continuing education.
Research inconclusive about the benefits of mandatory continuing education over voluntary continuing education
One of the arguments against mandatory continuing education is that there are not studies to show that continuing education makes a difference in patient outcomes.
Technologists Toward Mandatory Continuing Education: An Assessment of the Relationship Between Selected Demographic and Sociopsychologic Variables and Acceptance of Mandatory Continuing Education.
Implementation of the mandatory continuing education requirements has elevated ARRT's requirements for renewal of registration and also has greatly affected ARRT's operations.
The company also previously implemented minimum stock ownership guidelines for senior management and the Board of Directors, a policy requiring approval for Board members to serve on other outside Boards, and mandatory continuing education for all Board members.
Consultation includes training services for obtaining various permits driving different vehicles and machines as well as benefits of mandatory continuing education of road freight transport.
The membership of WNA believed that a system of mandatory continuing education would be premature in Wisconsin.
For continued licensure, the nurse must maintain certification through mandatory continuing education according to the certification agency.
These actions include agreeing to adopt minimum stock ownership guidelines for the company's senior management and Board of Directors, adopting a policy requiring approval for Board members' participation on other outside Boards, and adopting mandatory continuing education for all Board members.
We have had ongoing discussions in the organization related to mandatory continuing education and the membership has expressed a strong interest in exploring the feasibility of mandatory continuing education.
Other requirements include having at least two years of professional experience in a performance-related position, participating in a mandatory continuing education program and adhering to the professional conduct program.

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