mandatory factor

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Peaceful environment is the first pre-requisites towards economic prosperity and mandatory factor to promote the culture of higher education, research and innovation for the growth of speedy development in different fields of science and technology.
When this happens, the old order cannot come back and therefore a new one takes its place, but with this acceptance is the mandatory factor, otherwise war prevails, just like the occurrence of the First and Second World Wars resulted in the creation of new Orders.
Strengthening the relationship between government and public is a basic need .Through participation in various sectors like Agriculture , Health , Education , Mass media people can contribute towards it .But above everything a Government is as transparent as its people are .So, citizens clean mind and thought (transparency) are mandatory factors for good governance .
(8) In making the case for a Lone Pine Order, it would be useful to show the court that the Lone Pine Order satisfies the court's new mandatory factors under Rule 26(b)(1).
* Establishing a uniform recycling standard for all hazardous secondary materials recycling with four mandatory factors: (1) the hazardous secondary material must provide a useful contribution to the recycling process or product; (2) the recycling process must produce a valuable product or intermediate; (3) the hazardous secondary material must be managed as a valuable commodity; and (4) the recycled product must be comparable to a legitimate product or intermediate;
Secretary Ray Mabus intends to make the lifetime energy cost of a system and the "fully burdened" cost of fuel in powering those platforms mandatory factors when evaluating and awarding future contracts.
The voter-enacted Proposition 103 established the mandatory factors to be a driver's driving safety record, miles driven, and years of driving experience, followed by optional factors that the Commissioner may permit for use in automobile insurance rating.

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