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For to make an open lace of v bowys: Set v bowez on py fyngrys as yn pe round lace of v bowys and wyrke yn pe same manere, saf pere pu takest pe bowys of bope pyn hond reuercyd, yn thys lace pu schalt take pe bowes of bothe pyn hondys vnreuerced (6) (British Library MS Harley 2320.
Four Points by Sheraton Riyadh Khalidia -- Jeremiah Frivaldo, Joshua De Villa, Herbert Cayunda, Mark Lomocso, Krist Zulueta, Christian Mandac, Julius De Villa, Jayson Nedroda, Nelson Dillena, Brian Gumapac, Jonathan Nacua, Rolan Quirante, Roland Battung, Jose Distura, Ruben Manere, Kenth Zulueta, Sonny Castaneda, Roberto Barcelona, Alvin Callanta, Michael Yagong, Coach Sonny Castaneda, Assistant Coaches Chito Solis and Lito Unidad, Team Manager Marvin Magnaye, Team Consultant Joy Maglapit.
Criticize went out like a light when headed over two out, and Poppet's Lovein seized the initiative, before holding Manere Bay by two lengths.
The searchers are likewise warned "que nullez serchoures ne facent aucune destruccion en lour coillet en autre manere mes comme ils voillent en respondre devant le meir et accompt rendre a lartifice avant dit" (that no searchers should cause any damage during their collection except as they wish to answer for it before the mayor and render an account to the aforesaid craft; YMB 1:99).
Vpon the peyne of here liues and forfaiture of here godes, that non be so hardy to speke, ne mouen, ne publish, en priue ne appert, oni thyng that might soune in euel or dishoneste of oure lige lorde the king, ne of our ladi the quene, or ony lordes that haue bien duellyng with the kyng bi-for this time, or of hem that duellen aboute his persone nowe, or shul duelle, in hinderyng of here state in any manere.
21) Is it reading too much into the phraseology of the Enseignements to suggest that the link between the two kings in the manuscript is sealed, and advertised, when Louis tells Philip, 'De tot mortiel peschie te garde en tiele manere que vueilletz mieux soffryr martire que fere nul'?
Most of the essays focus on relatively less-studied works in these subgenres: the Book of Hours tradition and Ancrene Wisse (Bella Millett); Speculum devotorum, translated from various Latin texts by a Carthusian (Rebecca Selman); Manere of Good Lyvying, the Middle English version of Liber de modo bene vivendi ad sororem (Anne McGovern-Mouton); Robert Grosseteste's Chateau d'amour (Whitehead); and Friar Thomas de Hales's Love Rune (Karin Boklund-Lagopoulou).
16 The original reads: "len eit desoremes bref de Wast en la Chauncelrie, [fet de ceo sur] home qi tient par la lei de Engleterre, ou en autre manere a terme de vie, ou a term de annz, ou femme en doweire, e celui qi serra ateint de Wast perde la chose [qil ad] wastee e estre ceo face gre del trebble de ceo qe le Wast serra taxe.
As if answering charges that the lady has only responded to his own negligence, he affirms his blamelessness (29, 76-77); as if refuting a suggestion that he can simply abandon his painful devotion, he avows himself "set on yow in such manere / That, though ye never wil upon me rewe, / I moste you love" (94-96).
4 (1350) ("en due manere ou proces fait sur brief original a la commune lei").
185), as stability, indicated in the images conjured up in such words as manere and stare (pp.
And with that Lucille once again gives us an etymology: per, meaning throughout, plus manere, meaning to remain.