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After a thorough brief that included all necessary safety of flight coordination and emphasized the requirement that all defensive maneuvers be level turns in assigned altitude blocks, three of four scheduled F-14 Tomcats launched at night from the carrier to assume the blue air role against four red air Hornets.
The rules of wrestling (the high school variety, not the cable TV folding-chair-across-the-back version) dictate that a competitor receives two points for a reversal maneuver.
A maneuver of this type certainly requires practice time and repetition.
In the past, regional countries have had a presence at similar Iranian maneuvers as observers.
I know the maneuver saves lives, and I want it to be used and remembered,'' the 94-year-old retired chest surgeon told The Associated Press this month.
It was previously reported on Tuesday that the maneuver could take place in the next 30 hours as the result of a decision by a combined team of American and Russian ballistics experts.
The Question to be addressed is: Does upper airway change during a Mueller's maneuver predict the severity of OSA?
BEIRUT: The Lebanese Army and the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon conducted a joint-naval maneuver over the weekend off the coast of the Mediterranean.
This complex and ambiguous environment, in which our forces fight a determined enemy while securing the population and setting conditions to enable the success of local and national governments, represents one of the greatest challenges of future maneuver.
I implored my players to use this aggressive Rip Pivot maneuver for defensive rebounding and after catching a pass against pressure defense.
Millions of television viewers now see the power of a promptly performed Heimlich Maneuver, potentially saving thousands of lives.
Turning the Vertical Flank: Air power as a Maneuver Force in the Theater Campaign.