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Excellently maneuverable, these vehicles are easy to operate in heavy traffic and in narrow, congested lanes.
"It is more maneuverable and you can carry more, so you are able to save fuel because you are making fewer runs."
Displacing 3,000 metric tons and with a capability of reaching speeds well over 40 knots, Freedom will be a fast, maneuverable and networked surface combatant with operational flexibility to execute focused missions, such as mine warfare, anti-submarine warfare, surface warfare and humanitarian relief.
In addition, the zero-tail swing design combined with an independent swing boom and 360-degree rotation makes the D-Series more maneuverable and productive in tight spaces than its larger counterparts.
Sentry is a faster, more maneuverable, easier-to-operate "offspring" of WHOI's pioneering deep-sea robotic vehicle, ABE (the Autonomous Benthic Explorer).
The unit is compact, maneuverable and stylish enough for use in upscale establishments.
Units are highly maneuverable and feature a pallettruckstyle handle for easy steering.
The maneuverable vac is shipping and will be in many of Dyson's usual customers this month for a suggested $599.99.
Darryl Colvin, product manager for field artillery launchers at Redstone Arsenal, Ala., said this capability will give joint expeditionary forces "a very lethal, very deployable system" that's also highly maneuverable on the battlefield.
Penguins are more maneuverable than vessels because their flippers can make different kinds of motions than propellers can.
Cut-to-length involves cutting and processing the entire tree in the bush, using highly maneuverable and lightweight equipment, such as harvesters and bunchers, to handle trees and logs with far less damage to the forest than traditional methods.
When access to a pressure vessel is limited, the Wils-Away is lightweight (32 pounds) and maneuverable (12 inches by 23 inches), and its 500 to 3000 rpm variable speed motor cleans tubes fast and thoroughly.