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Total quantity or scope: Three compact, maneuverable fighting vehicles of the MLF,
Officials at Cincinnati-based P & G say the CarpetFlick is easy to use, lightweight and maneuverable, and does not need batteries or electricity to operate.
The new OpenShot climbing treestand from Summit is a compact, highly maneuverable, lightweight climber (just 14 pounds) with an integrated seat/hand climber.
Material handler features a compact, maneuverable design.
The CAV will be an unpowered, maneuverable, hypersonic glide vehicle capable of carrying about 1,000 pounds of munitions with a range of about 3,000 nautical miles.
The unique lightweight aluminum frame and modular construction with ergonomically correct positioned steering handles makes the Voyager easily maneuverable and user-friendly, suited to an all gender workforce.
The snakes are also surprisingly maneuverable," Vogel adds.
The Ritter 151 Incandescent Light and the Ritter 152 Halogen Light are compact and maneuverable, providing superior, white, shadowfree illumination while remaining cool to the touch.
The New Holland 1441 and 1442 Discbine Disc Mower-Conditioners provide Discbine disc-cutting technology with rubber-roll or flail conditioning in a maneuverable, high-capacity machine.
It is more maneuverable in city and suburban traffic than any comparable vehicle and is therefore safer.
The shorter track means easier turning, making the machine extremely maneuverable on the job site.
The Child Pod(TM) is also configurable as a maneuverable standard- format stroller with caster wheels, allowing the LEADER(TM) to be used around the neighborhood, in the mall, or on a boardwalk or walking path.