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Some may take this wrong-headed book seriously, given the credentials of lead author Richard Rothstein, former New York Times education columnist, all-around smarty, and veteran maneuverer on the education-policy chessboard.
In Division, Merrick emerges as the master manipulator and the ultimate behind-the-scenes maneuverer: he engineers his rise through army ranks to be put in charge of INA prisoner interrogations; he roots through the psychological files of his subordinates and acquaintances (allowing him to woo and marry Susan Layton); and he is finally employed to keep the communal peace in the princely state of Mirat.
In response, Bishop Hovius became a shrewd negotiator and political maneuverer who recognized the necessity of compromise.
Then, for the next sixteen years, the shrewd literary critic and political maneuverer, Mine de Tencin, welcomed Lambert's guests, and fiercely promoted their works while publishing her own highly acclaimed novels anonymously.