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also marks the first time that non-dome simulators can support full envelope tactical maneuvering.
The QuickShift transmission's unique ability to regulate engine torque at extremely low speeds allows boat operators to slow propeller speed to 50 rpms or less, affording controllable maneuvering at slower speeds than even conventional trolling-type transmissions.
This Team has been formed to compete for large Canadian Forces contracts at 4 Wing Cold Lake for Surface Threat Electronic Warfare ("STEW") and Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation System ("ACMI") Projects.
The proprietary technology utilizes physician fluoroscopic control similar to routine practice to allow maneuvering and torquing of cath lab devices.
The PUI had a documented history of aggressive maneuvering while using less than maximum available power during climbouts in the T-34C.
The system is compatible with fixed and autonomous/rangeless Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation systems around the world and supports up to 100 high-activity aircraft.