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Li et al., "Research on effects of fighter HGB maneuvering terminal evasion," Fire Control & Command Control, vol.
To solve the problems mentioned above, this paper converts the CS model into an absolute adaptive CS (AACS) model by constructing the acceleration increment models of the acceleration limits and acceleration mean, while the adaptation method of maneuvering frequency is introduced.
Almost all maneuvering target tracking methods are model based.
of Amsterdam) introduces the concept of strategic maneuvering into argumentation theory to describe how someone tries to balance being effective with being reasonable when resolving differences to a desirable end.
They proposed to do so by introducing the notion of strategic maneuvering, which refers to the continal effort going on in argumentative discourse to maintain the balance between aiming for rhetorical effectiveness and dialectical reasonableness.
As we have noted, lateral maneuvering is suggested by FAR 91.113 and thus should be an intrinsic, knowledge-driven habit.
The flight schedule offered a training flight in which we were to do basic formation work, section approaches over the water, cruise maneuvering and a little tac form.
HRR: But do you set ethical limits on this maneuvering?
Maneuver is the movement of forces in relation to the enemy to secure or retain positional advantage, usually in order to deliver--or threaten delivery of--the direct and indirect fires of the maneuvering force.
A lot of them involve maneuvering flight as opposed to cruising or simple turns to join or leave a traffic pattern.
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f) Other operations of maneuver (also called single maneuvering).