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If you say it quickly it is like Mangler and considering the way I play the name stuck.
Western Isles Council became the first local authority in the UK to own a motor mangler after 600 wrecks were dumped in the islands in a year - the third highest figure in Scotland, despite having a population of only 27,000.
The legendary mangler of the English language managed to make it through the entire show without once fluffing his lines.
A similar approach was followed by other European researchers, who developed eduWeaver (Lischka & Karagiannis, 2004; Bajnai & Lischka, 2004) and the Person-Centered e-Learning patterns (Derntl & Mangler, 2004; Derntl & Motschnig-Pitrik, 2004).
Probably the worst moment of Hutchins' career came in front of the Vipers' fans two years ago when he was a Coventry Blaze player following an altercation with former Viper Mel Angelstad, an incident which saw The Mangler leave Newcastle and Hutchins vilified by the home fans.
1408" comes from a Stephen King short story, and like King's "Christine" and "The Mangler," it concerns an inanimate object with a sinister mind of its own.
You start off again, one side of your car looking like it has gone through a mangler.
Many sailing techniques are demonstrated in the action scenes and Hal's invention of a giant catapult, The Mangler, is again launched to fight off pirates on the river, and in the exciting final battle.
WD You must be joking Mangler, Suzanne Virdee was pure class as is Shafali.
Equations AI, A2, and A4 are solved by first applying the Mangler transformation [21, 22]:
Former Chelsea boss mangler Jose Mourinho remains favourite - Stan James go 13/8 - with former England manager Fabio Capello a 5/1 shot with the same firm.
The second short story: The Mangler was evidently the crowd favourite, with a theme and story line more grisly than the first.