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Mangles were a common sight, often placed near a grid to catch excess water.
Se estimaron los flujos de nutrientes en el humedal artificial para un ciclo de produccion, que incluyo la alimentacion de los camarones, la fertilizacion, la siembra de camaron, los mangles, la cosecha de camaron, el recambio de agua, el llenado y el drenaje.
DEXTER DALWOOD Paintings of death sites OTOLITH GROUP Their films are a challenge SUSAN PHILLIPSZ Songs played under bridges ANGELA de la CRUZ Likes to mangle her canvases
Volunteer tour guides walk groups through the Palace, describing the process: The vintage mangle machines are great for flattening dried corn husks, they burn out blenders faster than Jamba Juice by shredding straw flowers and moss in them, pampas grass makes good animal fur, and skin tones on the human figures are made from a combination of sifted farina and corn meal with chili powder or strawberry powder for a little glow.
Education officer Liz Hayward helped five-year-old Hannah Downey to wash clothes and squeeze excess water from them, using a mangle.
Cervigon y Gomez (1986), establecen que las ostras buscan lugares sombreados donde fijarse, por esto son tan abundantes en las raices de los mangles.
4) Nor did she have anyone to engage her intellectually, and she later mentioned to Mangles that when she first arrived in the colony: 'Nothing was heard of but Beef and Pork.
Jon Voight mangles a pan-European accent as Jack's evil assistant, Vanessa Redgrave seems to imbibe a lot of wine in her role as Jack's mystery relative, and Daryl Hannah spooked my stepdaughters with her bizarro makeup job as one of the giant's judicial cohorts.
Carter mangles Cantonese while trying to pick up babes, chases bad guys with Lee up some rickety bamboo scaffolding and ends up being dropped off, along with his friend, buck naked in (yes) rush-hour traffic after a very well-choreographed massage parlor bust-up.
After the explosion, ``then the smell came - like gunpowder,'' said John Mangles of Durham, N.
De esta manera, se realizo el desazolve de manantiales, la construccion de un vivero de mangle y pruebas de reforestacion de manglar en la cienaga.
En este sentido, una de las tecnicas propuestas es la siembra directa de propagulos de mangle rojo (Rhizophora mangle L.