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OK, so Isaak didn't really manhandle the veteran news anchor on the mat.
Although we love the idea that a contouring cream can somehow magically manhandle our curves into a streamlined shape, the reality isn't quite so uplifting.
In the meantime, Clark must simmer with the knowledge he could easily manhandle those callow teens who victimize him (only on the WB could Welling play a character that would find himself on the wrong side of a bullying).
But the brave youngster lashed out twice with her schoolbag, hitting the man who tried to manhandle her towards the vehicle.
But their appeal and style have given Manhandles characteristics that go beyond functional.
You may also notice that if Currin's lubricious eye manhandles younger women rather less blatantly now, older women still have something to fear: There was actually a drawing in this show titled The Hag.