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Chennai: Jayalalitha's niece Deepa was at the centre of a drama that unfolded at the late chief minister's Poes Garden residence as she alleged that she was manhandled by the security guards there and prevented from entering the premises.
Celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman, who reportedly earns [euro]12,000-a-day and is known as Mr Loophole - told the court: "Mrs Knox was physically manhandled in the police station.
He was jostled and manhandled there's no two ways about that.
West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra was allegedly manhandled by the SFI activists during their protest over one of its leaders' death in Kolkata Police custody.
She mocked a child with a speech impediment telling him to "speak properly" and angrily manhandled another for dropping a spoon on the floor during lunch.
A source close to McLennan said: "He wasn't manhandled.
TURMOIL has broken out within the Welsh section of the UK Independence Party following a bizarre incident in which an 86-year-old war veteran claims he was manhandled after being barred from a party meeting.
CDATA[ Video: Policemen, against acceptable rules of conduct, manhandled girls and others protesting the building freeze at Kedumim on Sunday.
Peter Cassidy was enjoying a night out at Newcastle's Blu Bambu Club in the Bigg Market, when he noticed a woman being manhandled.
But all these manhandled places"--he gestures around us at the intersecting paths and mowed-grass edges--"are great.
Man, it would have seriously taken me half an hour to bust that trick, but since Ben is pro, he fucking manhandled that shit.
The 41-year-old businessman allegedly became drunk and abusive, and manhandled a flight attendant, before being restrained by crew members using the handcuffs that are kept on board.