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Terry Lyons with the sign for the Murder Maniac mile road race
The Interior Ministry official dismissed the reports on the Internet, alleging that a maniac appeared in Bishkek, who kidnaps, rapes and then murders young women.
He has proved to be a maniac, terrorist or whatever you want to call him, by urging to kill all Muslims other than Shi'ites.
Tyrant, dictator, maniac, monster to some - but a man with good ideas to others.
On March 1st, 2011, BodyLogicMD launched their new Raging Maniac Quiz on their BodyLogicMD Facebook fan page.
The Maniac uses two split cables and a string, both are Zebra Hybrid brand and are made of BCY's 452X Blend.
It was a first for 11-year-old O'Sullivan from Rathkeale in Limerick, who is following in the illustrious steps of Hayes, Billy Lee, Emmet McNamara and Danny Mullins, all of whom began their careers on 12-year-old Maniac, who stands 12.
But just as the verdict is handed down, the unthinkable happens--the homicidal maniac escapes and Makedde is his target once again.
Drawing upon her personal experience as the wife of an "eBay maniac," Perry explains how to turn one partner's solo online auction activities into a fun and profitable family business.
Popular films may make YAs think that horror requires a homicidal maniac armed with a machete about to jump out of every corner, or a satanic demon who, with a glance of an evil eye, blows up entire buildings on a whim.
Souped-up new packages turn several classics into attractive gifts for the movie-musical maniac in your life.