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And, in passing, let me note that this maniacal trick John Barleycorn played me is nothing uncommon.
And all but mad he was as with a final effort backed by almost maniacal strength he tore his wrists from the confining bonds and grasping the repulsive thing upon his breast hurled it halfway across the room.
But since you abuse my confidence, since you have devised a new torture after I thought I had exhausted them all, then, Count of Monte Cristo my pretended benefactor -- then, Count of Monte Cristo, the universal guardian, be satisfied, you shall witness the death of your friend;" and Morrel, with a maniacal laugh, again rushed towards the pistols.
It was followed by a blood-hound-like bay from Sir Christopher, a maniacal prestissimo on the organ, and loud cries, for Jimmy.
Let them do the idiotic and maniacal hooting for men.
There was a falling in of all the pillars of his soul, the sky seemed to split above him--he stood there, with his clenched hands upraised, his eyes bloodshot, and the veins standing out purple in his face, roaring in the voice of a wild beast, frantic, incoherent, maniacal. And when he could shout no more he still stood there, gasping, and whispering hoarsely to himself: "By God!
D'Artagnan," said Athos, with a maniacal burst of laughter, "guess what she had on her shoulder."
Bonus evening talks, including a discussion by Information Security Researcher Kevin Tyers (@waronshrugs) entitled "Maniacal Keyboards", will round out the agenda.
The hubbub ends up literally raising the roof - a cute idea, though it requires the lolz to become borderline maniacal to pull o.
He said: "It was part of this maniacal speech about why enhancements are great and it just came out of my mouth, 'Look at me, I'm black Superman', and they started laughing.
The islander bludgeoned to death his victims "in a maniacal paroxysm" leaving their bodies "mangled and bloody" on the island.
Maniacal ego preditors, Their noterierty will surely last.