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A song such as "Silver" bounces maniacally, a little sugar-high manic, but buoyed by a brass-tacks rock sensibility.
2, or you're about to hop around maniacally - like John Cleese.
His over-wrought picture of hordes of multi-coloured cyclists hurtling maniacally from one end of Llandudno prom to the other is simply scaremongering.
Well, we could say, "Good luck" and then laugh maniacally at your predicament.
The 25-year-old was then lifted off the bed before she bursted into life at the Jingle Ball in Los Angeles, looking barmy as she maniacally jumped around the stage in her hospital clobber.
Lucky Charms, for those of you who don't remember their brief release in Ireland, are a breakfast cereal with marshmallow pieces and a maniacally grinning leprechaun on the side of the box.
Ha ha ha ha," laughed Tom maniacally - eyes glazed, head back.
I would characterize that profile as being far beyond its risk-bearing capacity and well down the road of financial slavery, so much so that we now fret daily over who will continue to fund our debt-based, maniacally consumer-driven culture.
this maniacally detailed drawing transforms the super-building into a composite history of architecture.
The obvious inference was that an uncaring establishment was chomping cigars and laughing maniacally as the horror unfolded.
Summary: The professor stands maniacally behind a test-tube of angry red liquid.