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And so as a result our sales force needs to change, and the days of cutthroat competition need to be replaced, and is being replaced, by dedicated sales resources that are solely and maniacally focused on their particular clients and helping their particular clients succeed.
AS MANIACALLY focused as he will undoubtedly be, Dean Ryan might not be the most intent watcher of tonight's Aviva Premiership resumption between Worcester and Leicester.
He walks mindlessly, maniacally Across the desert, like a Sam
The owner of Caffe d'Bolla maniacally sources his beans, roasts them in micro batches, and can prepare your cup with a Japanese siphon brew contraption.
Neil eventually described Jones as "the worst person" he's ever interviewed, and ended the segment, with Jones yelling maniacally over top of him (and throwing in multiple plugs for his website, (http://www.
After moving to London in 2011, they caught the attention of French label Maison Kitsune, followed by Atlantic imprint Big Beat, who released this past summer's "I Love It," their maniacally happy breakout single written by Charli XCX and produced by Robyn collaborator Patrik Berger.
I ran so hard into the young lad that we both fell over and were on the floor screaming as a friend pinned me down with his foot and repeatedly 'shot' at me, laughing maniacally.
Wales weren't subsequently expelled from Fifa, with Sepp Blatter laughing maniacally while twirling his moustache.
2, or you're about to hop around maniacally - like John Cleese.
Well, we could say, "Good luck" and then laugh maniacally at your predicament.
The 25-year-old was then lifted off the bed before she bursted into life at the Jingle Ball in Los Angeles, looking barmy as she maniacally jumped around the stage in her hospital clobber.
Lucky Charms, for those of you who don't remember their brief release in Ireland, are a breakfast cereal with marshmallow pieces and a maniacally grinning leprechaun on the side of the box.