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But even with optimal medication treatment, many people with manic-depressive disorder do not achieve full remission of symptoms.
Lithium has long been used as a first-line treatment for manic-depressive disorder.
Newer anticonvulsant medications, including lamotrigine and gabapentin, are being studied to determine their efficacy as mood stabilizers in manic-depressive disorder.
During a depressive episode, people with manic-depressive disorder commonly require treatment with antidepressant medication.
In some cases, the newer, atypical anti-psychotic drugs such as clonzapine or olanzapine may help relieve severe or refractory symptoms of manic-depressive disorder and prevent recurrences of mania.
More than two-thirds of people with manic-depressive disorder have at least one close relative with the illness or with unipolar major depression, indicating that the disease has a heritable component.
Genetics researchers believe that a person's risk for developing manic-depressive disorder most likely increases with each susceptibility gene carried, and that inheriting just one of the genes is probably not sufficient for the disorder to appear.

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